We are honored to have the opportunity to once again be in charge of creating an exceptional and unique cannabis shopping experience for you! We are an independent, social equity owned, music themed, Adult-Use cannabis dispensary and will also sell new vinyl records. We have offically opened our Danville, Il location at 380 Eastgate Drive, in East Danville, Illinois, just west of the Indiana State Line. Additionally, we have begun construction on our second location in Berkley, Mi.

Through our years operating Seven Point, a medical cannabis dispensary based in Oak Park, Illinois, we have expanded upon our previous success and ability to satisfy our customers with an elegant, warm, and welcoming ambiance, a diverse menu of products from a large variety of growers, knowledgeable staff with cannabis experience, high-quality educational and networking events, and extraordinary customer service. Seven Point looks forward to building relationships and a new diverse menu of products with Illinois’ new Social Equity Craft Growers whom our CEO has been getting to know recently as a Board Member of the Illinois Independent Craft Growers Association.

Seven Point 2.0 is fueled by the same values and passion with an added element- MUSIC. We are taking the cannabis & music synergy to the next level by creating the opportunity to shop for cannabis and music in a single location.


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